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CE Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler / Aluminum Can Baler Machine

Product Details

Place of Origin: china

Brand Name: HUAKE

Certification: CE SGS

Model Number: Y81-200

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET

Price: 8000-20000 USD


Delivery Time: 35-40 DAYS

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Supply Ability: 200PCS Per Year

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Huake CE metal recycling baler


Huake metal recycling baler


Huake metal recycling baler 200t

Model NO.:
HS Code:
Shanghai, China
Transport Package:
Nude Packing, Load Container Directly
Jiangsu China
Model NO.:
HS Code:
Shanghai, China
Transport Package:
Nude Packing, Load Container Directly
Jiangsu China
CE Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler / Aluminum Can Baler Machine

Y81-200 Ce Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler / metal baler machine / scrap steel baler / aluminum can baler

Product introduction:
Mainly used in recycling and processing industry and metal smelting industry. The various kinds of metal scrap, steel scrap, scrap iron, wood shavings, scrap copper, aluminum, aluminum wood chips, the disintegration of the automobile casing extrusion, waste oil drums and other metal materials into cuboid, cylinder and other qualified charging of various shapes. Facilitate the storage, transport and bereused



1. It is driven by hydraulic pressure, stable operation, safe and reliable.

2. Use manual or automatic control of PLC mode of operation.

3. A material form: roll bag, side push bag, bag or package pushed forward in four ways.

4. Installed without foot screw, the use of diesel engine as power in the place without power.

5. Charging box size and block size according to user customized design specifications of raw materials.



81 Series Hydraulic scrap metal baler specs 
Type Nominal Force Power Feed Box Size Bale Size Productivity
( KN ) ( KW ) ( mm ) (mm ) ( kg/h )
Y81-1250 1250 15 1200 × 700 × 600 300 × 300 800-1500
Y81Q-1350 1350 22 1400 × 600 × 600 600 × 240 1500-2200
Y81-1600A 1600 22 1600 × 1000 × 700 350 × 350 2000-3000
Y81-1600B 1600 22 1600 × 1200 × 800 400 × 400 2000-3000
Y81-2000A 2000 30 1600 × 1200 × 800 400 × 400 2000-3000
Y81-2000B 2000 37 1800 × 1400 × 900 450 × 450 2500-3500
Y81-2500A 2500 44 1800 × 1400 × 900 450 × 450 3000-5000
Y81-2500B 2500 44 2000 × 1400 × 900 500 × 500 3000-5000
Y81-2500C 2500 60 2000 × 1750 × 1000 500 × 500 3500-5000
Y81-3150A 3150 60 2000 × 1400 × 1000 500 × 500 3500-5000
Y81-3150B 3150 60/66 2000 × 1750 × 1200 500 × 500 3500-5000
Y81-3150C 3150 90 2600 × 2000 × 1200 550 × 550 4000-7000
Y81-4000A 4000 66 2000 × 1600 × 1100 550 × 550 4000-7000
Y81-4000B 4000 110 2600 × 1750 × 1200 550 × 550 5000-8000
Y81-4000C 4000 90 3000 × 2000 × 1200 600 × 600 6000-8000
Y81-6000 6000 135 5000 × 2000 × 1200 700 × 700 8000-10000


· Electrical motor, diesel engine or generator for power

· Bale-discharging: turn out ,side push out ,forward out

· Options for different force,press box size,bale shape and size

· Hydraulic drive,manual valve operation,or automatic running by remote control induction


· Strong Body for Heavy Duty

· Original Hardox anti-wear plates

· The best quality brands are used in hydraulic and electronic parts

· Hydraulic unit design producing high force with low consumption

· High quality heavy duty cylinders (Hardened and chrom-coated piston rots , speacial honed pipes)

List of the materials to process

· Fe, Al, Cu, Cr-Ni Scraps

· Ferrous and non-ferrous

· Aluminium Extrusions



CE Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler / Aluminum Can Baler Machine 0




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Quick Details
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Huake
Service : the machine are always tested and assembled  before shipping,customer only need to follow simple steps to start .Engineers available on phone 24 hours ,unsolvable problem come to fix.
Model Number: Y81F-200
Color: User Defined

Packaging & Delivery
  Packaging Details: Nude packing, loading container directly.  
  Delivery Detail: 25-30 days
Ce Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler

A) Hydraulic drive, manual valve operation or PLC control...
B) Bale-discharging: "turn-out", "push-out", "forward-out" & manual discharging.
C) Options for different force, press box size, bale shape & size
D) Electrical motor, diesel engine or generator for power.
Ce Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler

Y81 series of hydraulic scrap balers are applied in steel mills, recycling plants, ferrous & non
-ferrous smelting industry to press scrap metal (steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, discarded automobiles, etc)
Into acceptable furnace charges in shape of cuboids, cylinders & octagons.

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Model  Main Cyl.Force
 Press Box Size
 Bale Size
 Bale Weight
Y81F-200A 200 1600x1000x800 400x400 120-200 2x18.5
Y81F-200B 200 1600x1000x800 400x400 120-220 2x22
Y81F-200F 200 1800x1400x900 500x500 180-350 2x22


CE Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler / Aluminum Can Baler Machine 3


CE Huake Used Metal Recycling Baler / Aluminum Can Baler Machine 4


Service In Sale


1. Make planned sales contract and technical agreement.
2. After the contract comes into effect, provide the list of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the contract equipment to the customer in the shortest time.
3. In technical design, we will optimize the design and keep improving.
4. In the manufacturing process, we will fully cooperate to arrange drawing review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance.
5. Product manufacturing, material and product debugging and inspection shall comply with the requirements of relevant standards, and do a good job in routine item inspection, manual operation test, electrical action test, protection circuit test, etc. The parts and framework of the product shall be manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant process rules. The welding shall be even, continuous, free of false welding and missing welding, and free of welding penetration, crack, undercut, slag splashing and air hole. All welding parts must be inspected one by one. The overall dimensions of parts must meet the requirements of drawings.
6. The factory shall complete all manufacturing and inspection of the contract equipment before leaving the factory. The main contents of delivery acceptance include the witness of equipment performance test before delivery, the inspection of the integrity of the supply of traveling equipment and its accessories, spare parts, the inspection of the appearance and size of equipment, the size of installation interface, etc.
7. After the contract equipment passes the factory acceptance, the factory shall pack according to the packaging requirements of the contract and take protective measures.

After Sales Service

Within the specified warranty period, our factory is responsible for repairing or replacing the products free of charge. After the expiration of the warranty period, we promise to provide lifelong maintenance for the equipment, regularly organize after-sales service personnel, conduct patrol visits, understand the use and maintenance of the products, and maintain the equipment. After receiving the information of the buyer's questions, our factory will reply within 1 hour, so that the user is not satisfied with the quality and the service will not stop.
Our factory establishes user account for all users, and will issue customer satisfaction rate questionnaire to users every year to investigate the use and quality of our products. Users can timely feed back their satisfaction or experience to our factory through customer satisfaction rate questionnaire. In addition, users can also timely transmit their opinions and improvement problems to our factory through the product user service processing sheet carried by our factory's service personnel. We solemnly promise not only to provide the buyer with qualified new products, but also to provide high-quality services. We will establish a convenient and quick contact service channel between the buyer and the seller, and run the after-sales service, advanced service, whole process service and life-long service throughout the whole process of the product life cycle.